Designing a Template for Your Presentation

When you are giving a presentation, you want it to be professional and memorable. That’s where I come in. For an effective, engaging presentation, you want graphics, talking points, slides, or a slide deck to drive home your message with powerful visuals. This starts with a professionally designed PowerPoint or Keynote template, providing a consistently great look with engaging fonts and colors, as well as crisp and clean paragraph and chart styles. I can hand over the template for you to run with, or I can take your ideas and create your slides, incorporating your notes and data—which I can augment with photos, graphics, and animations—into a polished, completed presentation ready to wow.

Template Design & Production Support

ATHN’s Data Summit

ATHN’s biggest event of the year is their Data Summit. I created the PowerPoint template and then then worked with presenters adding graphics and animations and ensure consistency for a polished professional look. This year as the meeting was virtual, after the presentations were recorded to video, I did a bit of video editing to create a great finished look for the entire meeting.

More Template Designs

Bringing to Life a Designer’s Vision

When Nadine Flowers of Grow Design needs a PowerPoint Template for one of her clients she calls on me.  She sends me her design in InDesign and I use her files to create a proper PowerPoint Template with embedded styles and color palette. If you would like to see more of Nadine’s work visit at

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