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Just a Smattering of Projects

Here is look at some of my work.


With Flyer Communications You Can Soar!


You have great branding, but maybe your presentation is hard to read, or maybe it just lacks a little extra pizazz to make it truly memorable and effective.

I can make your points eye-catching with dynamic visuals, charts, graphs, and animations.


You know you need a website, or you have one but haven’t touched it in four years. You have things to say, but don’t have time to keep up with a website.

I can help you show off your skills or sell your product with a custom website that showcases your unique product or service.

Communication Support

Perhaps your business is growing but you’re not quite big enough to hire a full-time agency.

I can step in wherever needed, whether it’s putting together your print and electronic communications, creating vibrant presentations, or managing your website to keep it up to date and operating smoothly.


The world of event work and production arts is going through a seismic shift. Whether in person or virtual, now more than ever you need bold, dynamic presentations to stand out from the crowd.

That’s where I step in, working behind the scenes to make everything look great and run smoothly.

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Are You Ready to Soar?

Whether you are a small or large business, nonprofit, or production company, looking to create a presentation, a website, print materials, or an online piece to share with your audience, Flyer Communications can deliver the polish and professionalism to bring your organization to new heights.

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