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Paula Frank

Paula Frank

Production Artist


As a graphic designer, website developer, and one-time photographer, my life’s work has been helping others shine.

When people ask me what I do, I tell them my job is to help my clients in their marketing efforts and make their lives easier. I give clients peace of mind knowing someone is behind the scenes, making them look good, whatever the project.

So how did I get here? As a commercial photographer out of college, I had a gift for lighting and composition, and I loved creating art in the darkroom. I was always good at the technical stuff, and when I saw what could be done with graphic images on computers, I couldn’t get enough. It was exciting and constantly changing, and I was able to combine my photography knowledge with my new computer skills.

I started creating presentations, working for a range of clients in the Boston market, and traveling to corporate events to help presenters with last minute changes to their presentations and then clicking through the presentations while they spoke.

My love of graphic design then led to the fascinating world of website design and development, helping clients take their vision and turn it into reality.  I also maintain and manage websites, saving my clients time and frustration.

I love working with businesses, large and small, and for production companies, where I can jump in and join the graphics team where they need me to make sure things go off without a hitch. But I have a passion for non-profits. I’ve done my share of volunteer work, and I know how organizations work (I went back to college and earned a certificate in Non-Profit Management). I’ve handled marketing, building websites, creating signage and writing blog posts – the spectrum of marketing communications – for a number of non-profits.

I love what I do, helping my clients tell their story and showcase who they are and why they matter.

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